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Songwriter / artist Allee Willis, best known for writing the "Friends" theme song, the Earth Wind & Fire mega-hit "September" and "The Color Purple" musical, began filming her life as a kid in 1950s Detroit and never stopped. She pursued creative expression at all costs while struggling with not fitting established gender and sexual norms… until she found a path to love.

2024 Film Screenings

“The World According to Allee Willis” is hitting film festivals around the globe in 2024 and 2025! Stay tuned as we announce each festival—be among the first to know right here!

August 2024
Exact Date & Time TBD

Sidewalk Film Festival  
Birmingham, Alabama


Contact Info & Credits

Public Film Contact:

Nicholas Coles
Blackburn Pictures


Alexis Spraic 

Executive Producer:
Larry Mestel, Mark Cuban, Prudence Fenton, Tina Fasbender, Lisa Wolofsky, Susan Danziger, Justin Shukat

Sales Agent:

Amanda Lebow


Nicholas Coles

Jerry Henry, Nick Higgins

Alexis Spraic, Carla Roda, Spencer Bakalar

Mark Mothersbaugh


Ain’t No Man Worth It The Story

Before “September” and “Boogie Wonderland” put her on the map, Allee Willis cut her songwriting teeth with “Ain’t No Man Worth It” in the early seventies. The song explores a rough time in her teenage years, after her mother died unexpectedly and her father moved quickly into a new relationship. True to Allee’s artistic style, the song’s got a lot of heart, as well as some darkness and pathos. But, more importantly, it changed the course of her life forever.

This is that story.

Allee was a young copywriter at a record company in New York City when she wrote “Ain’t No Man Worth It” and decided to present it and two other original songs to her boss. Impressed, he forwarded them to the president of Epic Records, without mentioning that Allee was the singer to avoid a conflict of interest. He loved them too and that’s how she scored a record deal!

That album, produced by the legendary Jerry Ragavoy, is Childstar. And with it, Allee quit her record company job to pursue a full-time career as a singer-songwriter. And, the rest, as they say, is herstory!

To promote Childstar, Allee and her backup group, The Angel Babies, sported "Ain't No Man Worth It” tees, infusing humor into their publicity shots and appearances. These shirts, now in her signature light pink, have been recreated for the promotion of The World According to Allee Willis, a documentary celebrating her life and work.

Now, for the first time ever, Childstar is available to stream! Go listen on Spotify or pretty much wherever you stream your music.

Top Photo: Allee Willis and her backup group The Angel Babies, featuring Michelle Cobb, Fonzi Thornton, Allee, and Ednah Holt (from left to right). Fun fact: Luther Vandross, Fonzi's childhood best friend, played the piano during their audition. New York, 1974.